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„„General Customs Rules for the shipping of our products to non EU countries“

The customs value of every international parcel depends on its product specification.Every customs clearance conditions and charges are effective when the parcel reaches your country. The customs clearance charges are debited to you;we cannot influence these charges and we also are not able to forecast them. The customs clearance rules are very different from country to country.If you need more information regarding this please contact your customs office.

Islands surcharges and specific surcharges:

Norway, Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta, Gibralter, Andorra = EUR 49,47

Channel Islands incl. Isle of Man= EUR 28,70

Italy ( Livigno, San Marino, Campione  d´ ítalia) = EUR 21,00

Ireland ( Horthern Irelande) = EUR 28,70

 GLS-DEUTSCHLAND (Nur Festland) -Keine Inseln - (Zuschlag für Inseln: 13,63 EURO netto)
 GLS-EUROPAWEIT (Nur Festland) / EU(Mainland Only)
 GLS-Weltweit ZONEN A-E / Worldwide Zone A-E

GLS-DEUTSCHLAND (Nur Festland) -Keine Inseln - (Zuschlag für Inseln: 13,63 EURO netto) Top

 Shipping to: DE
to 10 kg 0.00 EUR
to 20 kg 9.40 EUR
to 30 kg 10.50 EUR
to 50 kg 26.21 EUR

GLS-EUROPAWEIT (Nur Festland) / EU(Mainland Only) Top

 Shipping to: BE, DK, LU, NL, AT, AUT
to 5 kg 11.95 EUR
to 10 kg 12.75 EUR
to 15 kg 13.95 EUR

 Shipping to: FR, GB, FX, IT
to 5 kg 15.55 EUR
to 10 kg 18.25 EUR
to 15 kg 19.55 EUR

 Shipping to: IE, FI, PT, ES, SE, SK
to 5 kg 24.10 EUR
to 10 kg 27.65 EUR
to 15 kg 32.65 EUR

 Shipping to: PL, SI, CZ, HU
to 5 kg 16.55 EUR
to 10 kg 26.95 EUR
to 15 kg 28.85 EUR

 Shipping to: GR, BG
to 5 kg 65.20 EUR
to 10 kg 81.40 EUR
to 15 kg 98.50 EUR

 Shipping to: MT, CY
to 5 kg 96.00 EUR
to 10 kg 130.75 EUR
to 15 kg 167.86 EUR

 Shipping to: EE, HR, LV, LT, RO
to 5 kg 29.65 EUR
to 10 kg 33.35 EUR
to 15 kg 35.35 EUR


 Shipping to: Korsika/Corsica, Sardinien und Sizilien *nur bei Inseln/only island (inkl.Inselzuschlag/incl.Charge Island)), C, S9, S10
to 5 kg 70.60 EUR
to 10 kg 71.60 EUR
to 15 kg 72.90 EUR

 Shipping to: Azoren, Balearen, Madeira, Gibralter, Kanaren, Melilla... *nur bei Inseln/only island (inkl.Inselzuschlag/incl.Charge Island)), FO, GI, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, P1, P2, P3, P4
to 5 kg 105.70 EUR
to 10 kg 107.10 EUR
to 15 kg 115.00 EUR

 Shipping to: (Nordirland & Kanalinseln /Northern Ireland & Channel Islands) *nur bei Inseln/only island (inkl.Inselzuschlag/incl.Charge Island)), GB, GG, JE, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11,
to 5 kg 58.20 EUR
to 10 kg 59.15 EUR
to 15 kg 60.50 EUR


 Shipping to: NO, LH, LI, CH
to 5 kg 45.75 EUR
to 10 kg 48.45 EUR
to 15 kg 54.05 EUR

 Shipping to: TR
to 5 kg 129.40 EUR
to 10 kg 140.60 EUR
to 15 kg 152.50 EUR

GLS-Weltweit ZONEN A-E / Worldwide Zone A-E Top

 Shipping to: CA, MX, PR, US, GL, ME, XS, BA
to 5 kg 98.40 EUR
to 10 kg 127.80 EUR
to 15 kg 157.20 EUR

 Shipping to: AM, AZ, KZ, KG, UZ, GE, IS, BA, FO, GL, MK, MD, RO, CS, UA, BY
to 5 kg 110.45 EUR
to 10 kg 138.85 EUR
to 15 kg 157.20 EUR

 Shipping to: HK, JP, SG, TW, TH, BD, IN, KH, LA, MV, MN, NP, LK, KR, VN, BT, MO, CN
to 5 kg 139.20 EUR
to 10 kg 186.90 EUR
to 15 kg 234.60 EUR

 Shipping to: AF, EG, AS, BH, BN, CK, FJ, GU, ID, IL, KW, LB, LY, MH, NZ, OM, TL, PK, PW, PG, PH, MP, WS, SA, TO, VV, AE, FM, IQ, YE, JO, QA
to 5 kg 158.30 EUR
to 10 kg 209.90 EUR
to 15 kg 261.60 EUR

 Shipping to: DZ, AO, AI, AG, AR, AW, ET, BS, BB, AG, BZ, BJ, BM, BO, BQ, BW, BR, BF, BI, CL, CR, CW, DM, DO, DJ, EL, SV, CI, ER, GF, GA, GM, GH, GD, GP, GT, GN, GY, HT, HN, JM, VG, VI, KY, GM, CV, KE, CO, CD, CG, LS, LR, MG, MW, ML, MA, MQ, MR, MU, MS, MZ, NA, N, NE, NG, PA, PY, PE, RE, RW, ZM, SN, SC, ZW, BQ, SX, BL, KN, MY, LC, VL, ZA, SR, SZ, TZ, T
to 5 kg 180.50 EUR
to 10 kg 221.50 EUR
to 15 kg 275.20 EUR

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